Travel Health Insurance
DR-WALTER Free Travel

Insurance Product Information Document 

Company: Würzburger Versicherungs-AG Germany

This fact sheet provides you with an overview of your coverage under the travel health insurance policy DR-WALTER Free Travel. Please note that this information is not exhaustive. You will receive details from us in the insurance conditions and other travel health insurance documents. These consists of the conditions for the insurance tariff, the customer information andt the insurance policy. For comprehensive information, please read all the documents. 

What type of insurance is this? 

This policy is a travel health insurance for your stay abroad. It protects you against financial risks arising from the costs of, for example, outpatient or inpatient medical treatment by doctors. 

What is insured?

We offer insurance cover for acute illnesses and accidents suffered during your stay abroad, e. g.: 

  • necessary medical treatments; 
  • medicine and dressing materials prescribed by a doctor; 
  • inpatient medical treatments including operations which cannot be postponed. 

 What is not insured?

Not covered, for example, are: 

  • Insurance cases caused intentionally by you or an insured person. 
  • Treatments of which it was clear at the start oft he journey that they would have to take place in case the trip was carried out as planned or treatments which were to be expected under the circumstances known to you. 
  • If the treatment abroad ist he sole reason or one oft he reasons for starting the trip. 

 Are there any restrictions on cover?

For example, coverage is limited in the following cases:

  • If the insurance case was caused by gross negligence, we are entitled to reduce benefits.

 Where am I covered?

  • Insurance coverage applies for all persons mentioned in the insurance certificate during their stay in the host country. 
  • For all persons from abroad insurance coverage also applies to EU member states, including Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and Vatican City. However, insurance coverage does not apply in the home country of the insured person or in the country in which the insured person is habitually resident. 

What are my obligations?

For example, the following obligations apply:

  • You must answer all questions in the application form truthful and completely.
  • You must pay your insurance premiums on time and in full.
  • If an insurance case occurs, you need to give us complete and truthful information.
  • You need to minimize costs of damages.

 When and how do I pay?

  • The first premium needs to be paid immediately after receiving the insurance certificate. All further premiums will have tob e paid at the time indicated.

 When does the cover start and end?

  • Insurance coverage starts on the date indicated on your insurance certificate. Insurance coverage ends with the end oft he stay abroad, at the latest on the date indicated on the insurance certificate or after 185 days. 

 How do I cancel the contract?

  • The contract ends at the end of the agreed insurance period. A cancellation is therefore not necessary. 

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