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Fact sheet (insurance products)

Company: BD24 Berlin Direkt Versicherung AG, Germany

This fact sheet provides you with a brief overview of your insurance coverage. Please note that this information is not exhaustive. The content of the contract is derived from the following documents:

  • Insurance policy
  • Insurance conditions

For comprehensive information, please read all the documents.

What type of insurance is this?

This is a travel insurance policy for a temporary exchange stay.

What is insured?

International health insurance with emergency medical treatment:

  • You are insured in case of unforseen illness or accident during the insured stay abroad.
  • We reimburse costs for medically necessary treatment and medical aids abroad.
  • We will organize a medically reasonable and justifiable return transport and reimburse the associated costs.
  • Sum insured: Unlimited.

Full assistance service:

  • We offer 24/7 assistance in various emergencies. For example, if you lose your credit card, debit card, or cell phone card, we will help you to block them.

Accident insurance:

  • You are insured in the event of an accident during the insured stay that results in death or permanent disability.
  • In the event of death, we will pay the agreed sum insured.
  • In the event of disability, we pay the sum insured on a percentage basis depending on the degree of disability (max. 100%).
  • Sum insured: Death € 10,000 / Disability € 100,000
  • We cover search, rescue, and recovery costs after an accident up to € 5,000.

Liability insurance:

  • You are insured for damages from dangers of daily life, which you cause as a private person during the stay.
  • We will check whether you are obliged to pay compensation. If this is the case, we will pay the damage incurred.
  • We will reject unfounded claims for compensation. Sum insured: € 1 million lump sum for personal injury and property damage.

Baggage insurance if agreed:

  • We shall pay in the event of loss of, destruction of, or damage to baggage.
  • In the event of delayed delivery of baggage, we will reimburse costs for necessary replacement purchases up to € 250. Condition: the baggage does not reach the destination on the same day as the insured person.
  • Sum insured: € 2.000 per insured event and year.

No cover is provided for

International health insurance with emergency medical treatment:

  • Treatments caused by alcohol-related impairment of consciousness or use of narcotics.
  • Treatments that were a reason for the trip.
  • Treatments that you knew prior to travel would need to be performed during the trip (e.g., dialysis).

Accident insurance:

  • Accidents caused by alcohol-related impairment of consciousness or use of narcotics.
  • Accidents while practicing extreme sports.

Liability insurance:

  • Damage caused by you intentionally and unlawfully.
  • Damage as the owner, proprietor, holder or operator of motor vehicles, aircraft, or motorized watercraft resulting from damages caused by the use of such vehicle.

Baggage insurance if agreed:

  • Damage because you have lost or forgotten your baggage, or left it lying, hanging or standing somewhere.
  • Sports equipment in its intended use.

Limitations of coverage

If your stay is planned to be longer than 365 days maximum, we will not insure it.

In the following cases, a deductible applies, which means that you bear part of the damage yourself:

  • For stays in the USA, a deductible of € 250 is charged for treatment in the emergency room. This does not apply in case of medical necessity or subsequent inpatient stay.
  • In the case of liability insurance, the deductible is € 50 per insured event for property damage.
  • In the case of baggage insurance, the deductible is € 50 per insured event. We do not charge the deductible for replacement purchases after a baggage delay.

Where am I insured?

  • The area of validity depends on your country of residence and the corresponding insurance tariff selected (Europe, World, USA/Canada).
  • Travel during the insured stay is co-insured up to a of 42 days in each case (home holidays, however, are not co-insured by the international health insurance).

What obligations do I have?

  • You must notify us immediately of any insured event.
  • You need to keep the damage to a minimum.
  • You must submit the required evidence.

How and when do I pay?

  • The one-time insurance premium is due immediately upon conclusion of the insurance contract. It is to be paid in accordance with the agreed method of payment.

When does coverage begin and end?

The insurance coverage begins with the agreed start of the contract, at the earliest with the start of your insured stay. The prerequisite is that you have paid the premium. Otherwise, the insurance coverage begins with the payment. It ends at the agreed point in time, at the latest when you have finally ended your insured stay.

How do I cancel the contract?

  • The contract is valid only for the insured stay and ends automatically. Therefore, you have no right to properly terminate the contract.

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